Why do you need our app?

Through food products every day “unknowingly” consume an enormous amount of additives and between them is a lot of that kind, who may not be needed in the food. Once there was a basic reason for adding additives increase the stability and shelf life, but today it is already a lot of additives added just because it food looks nicer. Use of food additives in the food industry is to some extent justified, because the consumption of food contaminated with microorganisms still poses a major health risk, but still if you look at the addition of additives for “cosmetic” reasons, they are certainly better avoided.

When we choose food in the store, we are often not aware of how many additives contained in a particular food. Additives are on food products written in small print, which is most people of purchase not even seen. Manufacturers some food additives marked with the letter E and a certain number and the other with the full name of the additive, which to further mislead consumers. Because of this problem, we developed a mobile application where you can use your smartphone to scan the bar code on the packaging of food and immediately in a single product get information of the number of added additives. With a good selection of food products, we may daily avoid the immense amount of unnecessary additives.

The choice is yours!

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